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Sunset at Sea

How a drop in Google Ranking can be good

Search Analytics showed a major drop in Average Position (increase of the raw number). So we celebrated.
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Storm, Vanuatu

Average Position 1.7 is bad: Search Analytics

Search Analytics says your Average Position is 1.7. Don't celebrate yet: that could be very bad news.
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Hot Spring, PNG

Beware automated reports from Search Analytics data

Automated reports are great time savers. But make sure you aren't fooled by them.
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Rangitoto Island, New Zealand

Are Search Analytics numbers valid?

Some consider Google's Search Analytics data unworthy of trust. Is it, and why?
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Hot Springs

Why keyword ranking reports are lies

Keyword ranking reports are often used to measure SEO success rates. But we mustn't forget they are lies.
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How to Fight Google Analytics Spam

Spam in Google Analytics has become a serious nuisance. Find out how to fight it.
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Black-handed Spider Monkey

A Brief History of SEO

Is SEO as easy as it used to be? Why or why not?
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