Who we are

Coherent Digital originated as part of Coherent Software Australia Pty Ltd, established in 1989.

We specialise in making your website do its job, whether that job is gaining you clients or leads or downloads or sales or something else entirely.

From targeted search engine optimisation (SEO) aimed at bringing the right traffic, through making it easy for visitors to use your website.

We enjoy a long term relationship with our clients. If they need us, they know we are only a phone call or email away.

Seeing a business grow is exciting. We'd love to have the opportunity to see your business grow.

Our History

Coherent Software Australia commenced operations in 1989, creating software to help small businesses compete more efficiently. Our first product helped building estimators quickly and easily generate accurate estimates of materials requirements and costs.

In the early 1990s we became heavily involved with the Internet, and soon developed a high level of knowledge and expertise in the technical aspects of the Internet. Our existing clients had already realised our commitment helping their business grow, and they began to request our advice on Internet-related projects.

By the mid-1990s we had extensive experience in the different technologies available through the Internet, including the choice and implementation of the right set of technologies to achieve a desired outcome. For example, we created a shopping cart ecommerce system for a major international lingerie company as early as the mid-1990s.

A key factor in the design of the commercial and other websites we built was usability. We were, and still are, strong believers in ensuring it is easy for website visitors to do whatever you want them to do. The more roadblocks you put in their way, the less success you will have, no matter how pretty or cool the road blocks.

In the late 1990s we were one of the few website developers who incorporated SEO into every website we built. Of course, it wasn't called SEO back then. It was instead referred to as "make sure Alta Vista can find and understand your website". (Alta Vista was a major search engine before Google existed).

Website analytics was in its infancy, based primarily on server log files, but even back then we used it to analyse user interaction and identify bottlenecks and usability issues.

Winding forward to now, we recognise there are many people who can create websites. Some of the websites are beautiful, easy to use, and friendly to search engines such as Google. Unfortunately far too many are only beautiful. Too frequently ease of use and search engine friendliness are glossed over.

While we still create websites, our primary focus is on the things most modern designers and developers aren't experts at: making your website work well for your business by considering both search engines and visitors. Our extensive experience combining SEO and usability, plus our in depth knowledge of http, html and related technologies gives us a significant edge. We don't simply concentrate on your website being "number 1 in Google", because that isn't why your website exists. Instead, we concentrate on what's important — getting people to come to your website and contact or buy from your business.

Unlike typical SEO companies, we do not follow a "one size fits all" formula, nor do we limit ourselves to SEO. Every website has a different history, a different purpose, a different target market, and every business owner has different constraints and desires. We work out what approach will be most cost effective for each set of circumstances.

It's the difference between a cook that robotically follows every recipe exactly to achieve the same result as everyone else, and one that understands how to manipulate the ingredients to achieve a remarkable flavour and texture.

Coherent Digital is based in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia, a suburb in the south-east of Melbourne.